Electronic Cigarette Reviews

There are many makers of e-cigarettes, so before you buy, it’s a good idea to check electronic cigarette reviews, to make sure you buy a good brand. There are variations between brands, so it’s good to know what experienced smokers think of them.

Electronic Cigarette ReviewsV2 Cigs are a popular choice, and they have a number of starter kits available in all price ranges. They have a universal adapter, which will allow you to test their flavor cartridges even while you use the battery from another brand. They also have a rewards program. Vapors (the new term for “smokers” using e-cigs) can save money in their clearance section on the website.

Smoke Tip e-cigs has an inexpensive kit that is still a quality product. They have many different flavors to offer, and you can inhale more easily, since there is better circulation of air when you are puffing.

Blu Cigs are a very popular brand with superior quality. Their charging pack offers a Smart Pack which has capabilities for social networking. This will allow you to meet other Blu smokers or vapors. Blu e-cigs are made using American Johnson Creek juice for smoke, and they do not contain propylene glycol, which almost all other brands contain.

White Cloud is among the highest in price in electronic cigarette reviews, but their quality off-sets the higher prices. Their batteries last longer than other brands, and their starter kit, while expensive, gives you three batteries instead of just one.

South Beach Smoke is used by a lot of celebrities. They have two piece devices, as well as those with three pieces. Vapors have it easy getting cartridges shipped every month, so they won’t run out.

ePuffer has been featured on TV, and they make e-pipes and e-cigars, in addition to e-cigs. There are various starter kits available, and a diverse line of liquids. They include one that has a natural relaxer and sleep aid. They also sell over-stocked items at half price on their site, for bargain-hunters.

Green Smoke is an original e-cigarette company, and their vapor is known to be high volume. They have short or long batteries, and a reliable starter kit. The rubber tips of these e-cigs allow you to share your e-cigarettes with others, without risk of germs being passed from one to another. You can also buy disposable e-cigs from this company.

SmokeStik e-cigs are another celebrity favorite. They have stainless steel batteries, which look quite elegant. SmokeStik offers various starter kits as well as cartomizer bulk rates. A portion of their sales from the latest line go to benefit first responders from September 11, 2001.
Volcano e-cigs have deluxe and standard kits available, and they include 25 cartridges, priced affordably. Magma kits work especially well for those who smoke traditional cigarettes heavily. Their Inferno kit is unique among e-cigarettes, and it includes empty cartridges, for those who like to fill their  own.

Do your research before you select the right type of e-cigs for you. There are some that are better for beginners and others that cater to more advanced “vapors”. Check with electronic cigarette reviews to determine the best brand for you.