Electronic Cigarette Safety

Electronic cigarettes are touted as the way to wean yourself off conventional cigarettes, but you need to look at electronic cigarette safety, too. E-cigarettes are called “safe cigarettes” by many manufacturers, and they do mimic some aspects of traditional cigarettes.

E-cigs are safer in so many ways than conventional cigarettes, since they don’t contain the many chemical additives that are known to cause cancer and other diseases. You can keep the habit of smoking (called “vaping” by some) without all the risks.

When they first came out, e-cigarettes were greeted with cautious optimism, but they are used by many people today. They are available in lots of locations and online. You’ll also be safer by using an e cig, such as Bedford Slims to cut back on nicotine from smoking, and then possibly cut out nicotine altogether. You can buy cartridges in high, medium, low or no-nicotine, so the potential to quit smoking is there.

Electronic Cigarette SafetyElectronic cigarettes are not as safe for some people, including people who have sensitivities or allergies to nicotine. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, or people with heart conditions, need to discuss the plan to use e-cigarettes with their physician before they start.

The cool colors and great flavors in e-cigs may sometimes hide the fact that you can still become addicted to nicotine by using them. This is an important aspect of electronic cigarette safety. There are simply quite a few unknowns in the ways that e-cigarettes may affect your health.

Healthcare specialists have reviewed studies of e-cigarette contents, and found that there are levels of some harmful chemicals in e-cigs, at the same levels you might find in nicotine patches. This is considerably lower than any levels in conventional cigarettes.

The researchers have determined that e-cigarettes are not actually “good” for you, but that they are certainly better than the alternative. They are safer than traditional cigarettes, and they do actually help people who are trying to quit smoking.

The problem is the lack of regulation for e-cigarette manufacturers, according to many healthcare specialists. While the contents of e-cigs may be listed on the packet, they cannot be proven to be accurate or not, since there isn’t any regulation. Some countries are looking at regulating e-cigarettes, and any other newer products containing nicotine.

Some of the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have stated that they would be perfectly willing to work with officials to determine the safety of e-cigarettes. In this way, only the best products would be marketed.

The cartridges of e-cigs contain nicotine (unless they are nicotine-free) in addition to water, propylene glycol and various types of flavorings. Groups that lobby against tobacco use warn that having insufficient safety information on e-cigarettes is concerning.

Researchers are also concerned by the fact that e-cigs look so much like traditional cigarettes, and this may lead young people from e-cigs to the real thing. So far, most e-cigarettes are used to wean people off of regular tobacco products, but the concern is still there that we don’t know enough about electronic cigarette safety.