What Is Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been touted as an excellent way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, and they may offer you a way to break that bad habit. A battery works the electronics, and it fuels the atomizer, which heats up the nicotine or non-nicotine solution to create that vapor that makes it look like smoke when you are inhaling it. The cartridges of e-cigarettes store the e-juice or nicotine solution. They are usually disposable, but some can be refilled.

There are quite a few models of e-cigarettes on the market today. Some companies still sell the original version, in which you have to manage the components yourself. But some sell more modern models, which combine the cartridge and atomizer together. This makes it cheaper to buy, as well as easier to use. You won’t have to replace atomizers anymore, with some of the newer models.

Electronic CigarettesAtomizers for original e-cigs may last a few months before you need to change them out. In the newer models, you get a fresh atomizer when you purchase a new cartridge. There are differences in various brands of e-cigs, but they also share a lot in common.

Most electronic cigarettes can be purchased in a starter kit, which will give you everything you will need in getting started with e-cigs. Once you charge the battery, you’re ready to go. Many brands come with a case that is a charger as well, so you can charge on the go. Some packages are the same shape as cigarette packages, but in sleek, metallic colors.

E-cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke, so they are safer than traditional cigarettes. They are also safer for those around you, since there isn’t any second-hand smoke. They replace conventional tobacco with flavor cartridges, which may be low, medium, high or no nicotine. You can usually use e-cigs even in places that have banned smoking, since there is no smoke.

E-cigs also give you the pleasure of smoking without ash. Your clothes, desk and car will be cleaner, as a result. Switching to e-cigarettes will save you money on dry cleaning, as well as not having to buy expensive cigarettes all the time.

There is no fire in an e-cigarette, either. You won’t create cigarette burns on upholstery or in your car, and you don’t have to worry about falling asleep and starting a fire. In addition, e-cigs don’t have tar, which is inhaled when you smoke traditional cigarettes. They are safer than cigarettes, since you are not exposed to all those toxins.

You can re-use e-cigarettes, unlike traditional smokes. Just recharge the battery and make sure the cartridge has fluid in it, and you’re ready to smoke. E-cigs are much more cost-effective than old cigarettes, too. Instead of buying a 20-pack of traditional cigarettes for about five dollars, you can get an e-nicotine cartridge for about two dollars.

You can also choose your preferred level of nicotine with e-cigarettes. If you’re trying to quit, you can back down gradually and even use e-cigs after you are not craving nicotine anymore. They have flavors that have no nicotine in them. Electronic cigarettes satisfy the urge to smoke without all the dangers to your health.