Tips and Tricks for Using Electronic Cigarettes

What is the best way to carry an electronic cigarette?

While a carrying case is probably the best method, a lot of people like to carry their electronic cigarette in their shirt or pants pocket.  Unfortunately, the motion of moving around throughout the day can cause the ecig to shift and sometimes the cartridge will unscrew from the battery.  Here are some ideas for safely carrying your electronic cig when you don’t want to use a dedicated carrying case:

  1. Stop by an office supply store and pick up some removable clips that attach to pens or laser pointers for carrying them in your shirt pocket. These same clips will fit most electronic cigarettes.
  2. Attach the e-cig to a lanyard and wear it around your neck. You can easily slip the cigarette into your shirt pocket while it is still attached to your lanyard.
  3. Place the electronic cigarette in a cigar holder before placing it into your pocket. The cigar holder will likely be a little big, but it should protect the electronic cigarette should it move around or if you drop the holder.

I have a three-piece electronic cigarette.  How can I clean the atomizer?

The best method for cleaning your atomizer should be the suggestions from the manufacturer.  However, since they’re in the business of selling e-cigarettes, their suggestions would probably center around buying a new atomizer.  If you’d like to try some ideas for cleaning your current atomizer before buying a new one, here are some suggestions that other electronic cigarette users have tried:

  1. Cleaning the atomizer with warm, running water and a mild detergent.  Rinse well.  Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer, then let rest for 24 hours before attempting to use.
  2. Rinsing with isopropyl alcohol and dry thoroughly.
  3. Scraping any buildup off of the atomizer using a needle or safety pin.